Office design should benefit a business, it’s brand and it’s people. Getting it done should too


Interiors design can be a very broad field, so we’ve broken our service down into three areas that our clients most often look for -

Full Service Interior Design - where we work with you, from first sketch to putting up the last picture on the wall, We can manage the whole process, manage tradesmen,

Office Redesign - for when your space needs a light refresh, or just a little something added. This is often our favourite way to work with clients - we think most spaces can be refreshed, or repurposed without a full cost refurbishment. Maybe you’ve rebranded, merged, or just want to spruce up a tired environment. We can work to balance the needs of a space, the brand, the people in it and the companies budget by focusing on refreshing a space.

Interior Design Consultation - maybe you want to do your own buying, and you’ve got trusted tradesmen you already work with - thats awesome and we can work at a high level to help you refine your ideas, keep costs in check and have a fantastic end result.

Accessible Design - it’s often correctly said that it’s society which disables people. We can consult or deploy solutions to make workspaces that enable everyone to be happy, productive members of a space.

but we’ve broken are Tiger Forest. We are a branding and interiors company who have been creating productive, joyful spaces in the UK and the USA since 20I0. We believe in hard work. We believe in beauty. Most of all, we believe in teamwork and close collaboration with our community of clients. 


Office Planning


About us

We love - pens and paper, office planning.

We don’t love - fixed plans, work that needs planning permission.



It is often easy to underestimate the impact our environment can have on our work and our life. Often times we will spend over 2,000 hours each year in our office. Shouldn't it be a place where you and your team actually want to spend time?


We all make judgments on how a company runs from how it looks and feels. You wouldn't feel comfortable in a dirty waiting room at the GP and how much trust would you have in a disorganised accountants or a run down estate agent about to sell your home?




Full scale. We work from the very big to the very small. Armed with coffee and a sketchpad, we work quickly to scope out each project with budgets front-of-mind. 



Refresh. More often than not, we find ourselves in need of a re-fresh rather than an overhaul. Our forte lies in bringing office and retail spaces up to scratch with minimum disruption and maximum creativity. 



Sound deadening. It's the curse of the modern workplace - noise abounds, from mobile notifications to open-plan break-outs. We're good at helping clients implement seamless sound-deadening systems.



Furniture buying. We enjoy excellent relationships with global furntiture houses and boutique craftsmen alike. 



Somebody doing the website, someone else making business cards, a friend who did the painting, documents created by the intern… we can pull these together.



Full scale. We can take an idea and turn it into a living, breathing brand. We've been putting our money where our mouth is for years, creating our own commercially successful brands from the ground-up. Our studio can assist with naming, visual identity, and activation.



Refresh. Although we love to work at the ideation stage and on a big scale, there are no egos here. We're more than happy to adapt and enhance existing brands to bring them up to code across the board. 

This might seem like a small piece of work, but having your email signatures and your business cards out of kilter is a bad situation. We can work quickly to fix it. 



Out-of-house. Many of our clients choose to work with us on an out-of-house basis, trusting us to design tender documents, important presentations and ongoing stationary changes.  


From the very big to the very small, we approach every piece of work with strong design thinking.


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